Post Graduate Work Permit

Individuals who are not Canadian or Permanent residents of Canada, wishes to work in Canada require a work permit. A Canadain Work permit is only issued once an offer of employment has
been made. A work permit is not an employment contract but, a document that is issued by IRCC formally for the purpose of allowing an individual to work in Canada to fill a labour shortage, and support economic growth in Canada.

Types of work permit:

  • PGWP: The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) to obtain an open work permit to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Skilled Canadian work experience in National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill type 0 or skill level A or B that is gained through the PGWP helps graduates qualify for permanent residence in Canada through the Canadian experience class within Express Entry.
  • Bridging work permit: This type of work permit lets you keep working while you wait for the results of your permanent residence application. You may be eligible for a bridging open work permit if:
      • You applied for permanent residence
      • Your current work permit expires in 4 months or less
      • You gave valid status on your work permit
      • You are currently in Canada
  • Spouse open work permit: In most of the cases, your spouse or common-law partner can work in Canada. However, they will usually need a work permit to work in Canada.
    They must apply for their own work permit to work in Canada. They must apply for their own work permit.
  • Closed work permit: A closed work permit provides an opportunity for foreign nationals to come to Canada temporarily and experience Canadian living before applying for permanent residence. It limits the applicant’s employment to a single employer. Furthermore, having worked for at least a year in Canada will give you an advantage if you are applying for permanent residency.


Students who have completed their program of study are allowed to work while they are waiting for their decision on their PGWP application, provided they meet all of the following criteria:

  • they are or were holders of a valid study permit at the time of the post-graduation work permit application
  • they were a full-time student enrolled at a DLI in a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program
  • they were authorized to work off-campus without a work permit
  • they did not exceed the allowable hours of work
  • With a post-graduation work permit, as with all open work permits, graduates can:
    • work full time
    • work part time
    • be self-employed


  • Depending on the duration of your program of study, the duration of the PGWP can be valid from eight months to three years. The permit will be valid:
    • for the same duration as that of your study program, as long as it is longer than eight months and shorter than two years, or
    • for three years if the study program was for at least two years. Application
      You can apply either online or on paper:​

      • If you apply online, you will have to pay the fees online ($255) and print, fill and scan your forms and supporting documents before uploading them on the system.
      • If you apply on paper, you will have to fill the required forms, annex your supporting documents and fee payment receipt, and send your application by mail.

We would recommend you to apply online, as processing times are always quicker than when applying on paper.

Forms and Supporting Documents:

Letter confirming completion of the program of study: The letter confirming completion of the program of study is used to assess the requirements referred to above. Officers may request
additional documents to complete the assessment of the application.

Transcript: The applicant may provide an official transcript issued by their DLI if available. Alternatively, the applicant may also provide a transcript copy from their DLI’s website. The transcript, along with the letter of completion of studies, is used to assess the requirements referred to above. Officers may request additional documents to complete the assessment of the application.

Application Fees

When applying to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, you must pay a $100.00 Open Work Permit Holder fee in addition to the $155.00 work permit processing fee. If you are applying on
paper, you can pay your fees ($255) online.

A Post-Graduate Work Permit application is processed within approximately 91 days if online, and 108 days if on paper.
To help you obtain your post study work permit, please get in touch with the team of our professionals.