New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program

New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP), administered by the Department
of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL), is an immigration program that
allows the Government of New Brunswick to nominate individuals with the greatest ability
to become economically established in New Brunswick. This immigration stream is part of
an economic immigration program and is not intended for family reunification, protected
persons or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

The New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream helps New Brunswick employers recruit foreign
nationals and international graduates whose skills are in limited supply in the province and
who have been unable to fill job vacancies with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

The New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream is for workers with the skills, education and work
experience to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy, and who are ready to live and work
in New Brunswick permanently.

When applying to any of New Brunswick’s immigration streams, you must be PR Ready. In
the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream, it means that you meet all minimum eligibility
requirements and selection factors and have all the required documents on hand to prepare
and submit a complete and correct application to the Government of New Brunswick and to
the Government of Canada.

NBPNP applications require two stages of approval before PR status may be obtained.

Stage 1: Application to the NBPNP for a nomination certificate If you meet all eligibility
criteria and selection factors, and you have the support of your New Brunswick employer as
indicated through a completed and signed Employer Information form (NBPNP-004), you
can then apply to the NBPNP by submitting an online application. The processing time varies
depending on the time required for the verification of documents included in your
application and on the volume of applications received. In some cases, you may be asked to
attend an interview.

Stage 2: Application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a PR visa If you are
nominated by PETL, you may then apply to the Government of Canada for a PR visa, through
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In this case, you will send your
application to the IRCC Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. You, your
spouse and dependents must meet statutory requirements for medical, security and
criminal admissibility. IRCC has the final authority to issue a PR visa. There is no guarantee
that IRCC will approve your PR application even if you are nominated by PETL.

Eligibility :

There are requirements for each stage of the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream process
including registration, application and nomination. You must meet the minimum eligibility
requirements for age, language, job offer, work experience and education, and score a
minimum of 60 points in the selection factors to be considered for nomination by PETL.
Eligibility requirements must be met at the time of registration, application and nomination.
Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee that you will be nominated.

  • You intend to reside in New Brunswick: It is your responsibility to prove a genuine
    intention to reside in New Brunswick.
  • You received a genuine offer of employment: A New Brunswick employer has
    offered, and you have accepted, permanent, full time, year-round (non-seasonal)
    employment in an eligible occupation.
  • You are qualified for the position: It is your responsibility to demonstrate that you
    are qualified for the position. PETL may refer to the National Occupation Code (NOC)
    and industry standards, etc., to determine the minimum qualifications for an
  • You are offered a competitive wage: The wage you have been offered must be
    competitive with New Brunswick wage rates for the occupation.
  • Your employer is willing to support the application.
  • Regulated occupations in New Brunswick: There are a variety of regulated
    occupations in New Brunswick. If your intended job offer is in a regulated
    occupation, you are required to be certified or licensed by the regulatory authority
    for that occupation.

Selection Factors

  • Age: You must be between 19-55 years of age.
  • Official languages: To meet the language requirement, you must submit valid test
    results from a designated testing organization to show you have obtained a
    minimum score equal to or greater than a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 for
    English or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) 4 for French in all
    four language abilities: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Education: You must, at a minimum, have a Canadian secondary (high school)
    diploma or a foreign high school diploma equal to a Canadian credential. If you have
    a foreign education you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report
    from a recognized organization to show that your credential is valid and equal to a
    Canadian credential.
  • Work experience: You may be awarded up to a maximum of 20 points based on your
    cumulative full-time, related work experience obtained within the five years prior to
    submitting your immigration application to PETL. You must have at least one year of
    work experience, in the last five, related to the job offer.
  • Adaptability: You may be awarded up to a maximum of 12 points in the event you
    have an additional connection to New Brunswick demonstrated through education,
    employment in New Brunswick, additional skills and language.

Application Process

Step 1: Offer of Employment – You must accept a genuine offer of full-time (non-seasonal),
permanent (indeterminate) employment from a New Brunswick employer who is willing to
support you through the NBPNP process.

Step 2: PR Readiness – When applying to any of New Brunswick’s immigration streams, you
must be PR Ready.

Step 3: Online Registration – You must create a candidate profile. You can check the most
up-to-date information regarding the status of your application at any time by logging in to
your dashboard.

Step 4: Invitation to Apply – Because you have an offer of employment from a New
Brunswick company, you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) to the NBPNP. You will have
up to 45 calendar days from the date of the ITA to submit a complete application via the
New Brunswick online system.

Step 5: Submission of provincial application to PETL – Once you have submitted your
complete application online and paid the processing fee, PETL will conduct a full review of
your application and it will be assessed according to eligibility requirements and selection

Step 6: Provincial Application Decision from PETL – PETL will advise you and your
representative, if applicable, of the final decision in writing and upload that decision to your
online profile’s dashboard.

Step 7: Submission of Federal Application to IRCC – If you are granted a nomination by PETL,
you are required to submit your application for a PR visa directly to IRCC prior to the expiry
date indicated on your Certificate of Nomination. IRCC will assess the application based on
Canadian immigration law and make the final decision for granting a PR visa.

Step 8: Federal Application Decision from IRCC – If IRCC approves your PR application, you
will be issued a PR visa which will enable you to become a PR of Canada. If you receive a PR
visa from Canada, you must report your landing to PETL within 30 days of landing in Canada.

You are not eligible to apply if you:

    • already have an active application registered with PETL;
    • own property and/or a business in another province or territory in Canada;
    • have an immigration application in process in another province or territory in
    • have been refused for misrepresentation through any immigration program;
      living in Canada illegally;
    • have been refused admission to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country or
    • are working in Canada without authorization;
    • are living in Canada and are out of legal status and have not applied for restoration
      of status within 90 days of having lost your status;
    • are an unresolved or failed refugee or humanitarian and compassionate claimant
      living in Canada;
    • have not been lawfully admitted to your current country of residence;
      are not lawfully residing in your current country of residence;
    • are engaged in full-time post-secondary education in Canada;
    • have been offered a seasonal, part-time or casual job in New Brunswick;
    • are in a sales position that is based solely on commission for compensation;
    • are an individual whose job will not be based in New Brunswick;
    • are registered in the federal Live-in Caregiver Program;
    • base your application on a job offer where you are self-employed in New Brunswick;
    • are on a federal post-graduate work permit and your occupation falls under NOC
      skill-level D;
    • accept an offer of employment that will adversely affect the settlement of a labour
      dispute, or the employment of anyone involved in any such dispute, or adversely
      impact training or employment opportunities for Canadian citizen or PR living in New
    • base your application on a job offer where you are a majority shareholder in a New
      Brunswick business; or
    • base your application on a job offer where you are intending to start a business
      and/or become self-employed in New Brunswick


If you would like to settle down in New Brunswick and become a permanent residence
under the NBPNP, please get in touch with our team of professional to help you with the

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