How to apply for work permit visa India to Canada?

How to apply for work permit visa India to Canada?

Work permit visa application processWORK VISA :
To work in Canada, if you are a foreign national, you must obtain a Canadian work permit Canadian government still allows work permit visa applications. If a newcomer wants to come to Canada and fulfill their dream to start, those who wish to work in Canada must obtain a valid work permit. A work permit is a document issued for Refugees, and immigration allows you to perform a job. It might also be restricted to a certain place, job, or working hours, or it can be an open work permit.
FOR REGULAR WORK PERMIT: Forgetting a regular work permit first to get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, eligible for a job in Canada, the employer has to apply.

OPENWORK PERMIT: Applicant may be eligible for an open work permit and if the applicant also applies for permanent residence in the humanitarian and compassionate field. For this, the applicant was given some categories like- Family class, skilled federal trade programs, caring for children class, skilled federal worker, Canadian experience class, provincial nominee program, and caring for people with medical needs class. This type of work permit you can job for any employer unless the company is listed as ineligible.
Getting a work permit should get an LMIA for your future employer, and receiving documents may take a couple of weeks or a couple of months, but it’s fully dependent on the type of work you have applied for. But for some work, there is no need for a work permit like Artist, Athletic, Heath students, Military, Foreign representatives. Emergency service provider.

STEP TO GETTING WORK VISA: Employers need a valid job offer, work permit, skilled work, and Application for labor market opinion.

ELIGIBILITY FOR APPLICANT: For applying for a work permit, you have to qualify minimum requirements like you have to obey the law, and you don’t have any criminal records, good health conditions and if necessary, go through medical examination, you have to show that you have sufficient amount of money to take care of you and your family members and also prove that when your work permit is over, you will leave Canada.

If you are now working in Canada and have already applied for permanent residence that you have a valid work permit to expire within four months. You have to pay for the open work permit holder fee and the work permit processing fee. You must also apply through the Federal skilled trader program, the provincial nominee program, the Federal skilled worker program, and the
Canadian experience class.
TIME TO GET A WORK VISA: Normally it takes from the first week to twenty-seven weeks. Mainly it depends on the applicant, paper proof that has been submitted, types of work, applicant resident county, IRCC, and how fast applicants respond to the authority for any other concerns.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR WORK PERMIT: Applicant a valid passport with having a minimum of six months validity. Two passport size photos, police clearance certificates, medical examination certificates, proof of enough funds.
There are two types of work permit
1. Openwork permit
2. Employer-specific work permit.
With An Open work permit, you can work for any employer. So there is no need for a labor market impact assessment offer letter. In an employer-specific work permit, you are allowed to work under a specific single employer but in this, there are certain conditions like typer of work, duration of work, and working place.
Those who are having a temporary resident permit, regular Open work permit, temporary work
permit and bridging Open work permit can apply for an open work permit.