Canada Visitor Visa 2022: A Guide On How To Apply

Canada Visitor Visa 2022: A Guide On How To Apply

visitor visa process


A visitor visa, often known as a tourist visa or a temporary resident visa, is a type of visa that

allows people to visit another country temporarily. From the visa office they will attach

documents or they will mention that you are entering Canada as a temporary resident like as a

visitor, a worker or as a student.

Every year millions of visitors come to Canada to enjoy the opportunities. If you come to

Canada for a short period of time for vacation or visit friends and family for that you need a

temporary resident visa. But if you are a citizen of the USA or Australia there is no need for a

visitor visa.

FOR QUALIFY CANADIAN VISITOR VISA : Go for a medical examination to show that you

are in a good health condition. Not to be a risk factor for Canada. Not to be involved in work or

study in Canada without permission. Have no record of criminal background. Satisfy the

authority that you will leave Canada at the end of stay. Having sufficient money to survive in

Canada for you and your Family and to return home.

Visitors are allowed for six months by the visitor visa. If official authorities are not allowing you to

stay and asking for leave Canada you must have to leave Canada. If you want to stay longer in

Canada for that you have to apply for extension before 30 days of the end of your last day of


DIFFERENT TYPES OF VISITOR VISA : There are four types of visitors visa like Temporary

Resident visa, study visa, tourism visa and work visa.

Before applying for a visitor’s visa you need to depend on your nationality, method for trip, type

of travel documents .


  • A valid passport having minimum expiry date is six months or more.
  • An invitation letter from your relatives with whom are you going to stay.
  • Medical clearance certificates.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Financial statement paper.

To fill the application form first you download the Canada tourist visa application form from the

Canadian government website. This application must be filled online. Submit all the documents

they are asking. After filling the form, take a print out copy.

Some authorities may ask for flight bookings copies. After collecting the visa and passport it

takes 10 to 14 days for the Canada tourist visa. Then collect your visa and passport from the

visa office.

By the single visa you can enter only for one time. If you are for an official visit or you want to

participate in an event in Canada then you will be eligible for a single entry visa.

With a multiple entry visa you can enter Canada multiple times. This visa is issued after

completing the review process. With the help of multiple entry visas you can travel to Canada

for six months of time. Multiple entry visa valid for ten months.

PROCESSING TIME : Processing time for Canadian visitors visa is 15 days if your documents

are verified and documentation done properly. Temporary Resident visa takes 16 to 20days and

business visa takes 1 to 6 weeks for processing.

PROCESSING FEES: Processing fee is $100 for visitor visa and for the biometrics fee is $85.

For extending, you have to pay $100.

APPLICATION PROCESS : First you have to select how you will apply offline or online.

  • Fill the visa application form with proper documentation.
  • Pay the processing fees by bank draft or cheque.
  • Then contact with nearest Canadian visa application center with passport, photo and other
  • legal valid documents.
  • You have to give your biometrics photo.
  • Then you have to give fingerprints.
  • Then submit a visa application form in the Canada visa application center.
  • Signature in all the documents.
  • Get the receipt from the application center.
  • Lastly, track the application online using a tracking number.

Some time Canadian tourist visa get denied for some reasons like financial reason, provide false documents, medical conditions that causes danger, being a part of any crime, having criminal record, involved in terrorism, violence etc.

CANADIAN TRAVEL INSURANCE : Insurance gives safety if your luggage is lost, accident if

happens, flight cancelled.

INVITATION LETTER : The individual must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The

information about the person applying for visa like Name, birthday, email address, phone no,

where to stay and for how many days and information about the writer like Name, date of birth,

address, phone number, Family details ,residence status.