Super Visa Canada &  Processing Time

Super Visa Canada & Processing Time


The super visa is for those who desire to live with their parents or grandparents. This visa allows parents or grandparents to visit their family in Canada for two years. Super visa allows you to stay for two years in each entry. Super visa processing time for each entrance on a ten-year multiple entry visa is merely six months. 

ELIGIBLE FOR PARENT OR GRANDPARENTS SUPER VISA: For super visa applicants must be Canadian citizen or permanent residents. Dependent parents or grandparents are not eligible for a super visa. Visa officers verify several factors whether an applicant is admissible. Officers also verify that the applicant is a legitimate visitor to Canada who will depart before the visa expires. The objective of the visit, the person’s family’s financial position, and the political stability of the home nation are also checked by officers. 

For applying for a super visa there is some information to provide while applying like Full name, date of birth, phone no, email, home address, job title, status in Canada, family details, income proof, total no of family members. 

You will need certain basic documentation before applying for a super visa canada, such as a letter of invitation from your kid or grandchild who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Proof of medical insurance payment from a Canadian insurance company, and also proof your child or grandchild meets the minimum necessary income. 

Minimum income like for 1 person $24949 , for 2 person $31061, for 3 person $ 38185, for 4 person $46362, for 5 person $ 52583, for 6 person $ 59304, for 7 people or more each additional person add 6723. 

As proof of income you have to send employment insurance pay stubs, job descriptions, salary slips, employment letter, tax information, and a recent paper copy of the notice of assignment. 

APPROVAL TIME FOR VISA APPLICATION: More than 80 percent of applications are approved. After approval Super Visa  processing takes 8 week time .

In order to obtain a super visa Canada, the applicant must persuade the visa officer that they are only visiting their children in Canada and will return home. The concern person must provide a letter for financial support and also prove final financial status. Also prove their parental relationship to the officer . Also can go through a medical examination. 

PARENT AND GRANDPARENTS SPONSORSHIP: It’s an alternative to super visa by the help of it holders can stay in Canada temporarily. You might be interested in applying for permanent residency through the parent and grandparent sponsorship program. 

Normally you have to give biometrics and a police clearance certificate. Your fingerprints will be verified automatically if you enter Canada through an airport. The system will verify your identity by comparing it to the documentation you provided with your application.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a border service officer from Canada. Officer will check passports and traveling documents, for that you have to carry all the verified documents like medical insurance. This will boost up your entry in Canada.