How To Apply for Humanitarian & Compassionate Visa Canada

Humanitarian & Compassionate : 

A lot of people are there in Canada. Those who are in Canada but they are not eligible to stay in Canada for those people who want to stay in Canada and want to become permanent residents can apply on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. This program is mainly run for exceptional cases. This varies from case by case. In this process this application is filled within Canada. Those who are still in Canada without proper paper evidence, they may apply for humanitarian and compassionate grounds to get Canadian permanent resident status. 

This application applies to get permanent residence from the Canadian government in the humanitarian and compassionate field. If you are a foreign but currently staying in Canada. Those who believe in humanitarian and compassionate considerations. 

The applicant must provide information on their physical and mental wellbeing. What kind of difficulties they may face if they are sent back to their native country. How they settled in Canada. All the members are tied to Canada. What would happen if the family members were separated? The impact on their lives and the potential for violence if they are forced to return home. 

The immigration officers have that power in deciding these applications. But they make their decision based on evidence that applicants submitted. Because usually there is no interview so send all the evidence to support the application and explain the reasons to stay in Canada. If there is any kind of mistake from the applicant and the evidence given is not strong enough , the application may be denied. 

ELIGIBILITY FOR HUMANITARIAN AND COMPASSIONATE APPLICATION: For eligibility there are few considerations like – 

Applicants how settled in Canada and how long the applicant stayed in Canada. Different kinds of difficulties they may face after returning home like political pressure, unemployment, social and religious problems. 

It is also possible to take into account the applicant’s children’s health and psychological effects. May will be separated from the family. 

If you return to your native country, you might not be able to get the medical care you need. 

DOCUMENTATION: Family members must write a letter describing the problems they would face if the applicant left the county. 

If applicants are involved in social activities , religious organizations or volunteer group letters from this kind of social organization or friend shows how he plays an important role in society. Pictures of the applicant with friends , family members, social programs. If the applicant has children then they have to submit documents of education. 


If the candidate has been certified as a newcomer from another country. 

Applicants apply if they have medical problems that need immediate treatment absent in their home country.

The applicant is a visitor to Canada who is only staying for a short time. 

If a refugee application has already been submitted. 

If an applicant is denied entry, he or she must resubmit within 12 months. 

Charge: There is a $550 application processing fee and a $500 right of permanent residency fee. And there’s a $550 fine if you don’t have a permanent residence permit. For a dependent child $150. Biometrics per person $85. Biometrics per family if having two or more people $170. Incorporate a $550 spouse or partner processing cost, a $500 right of permanent residence fee, and a $550 fee for those who do not have a right of permanent residence. 

HOW TO APPLY : To apply on the humanitarian and compassionate ground, applicants should fill several forms. If the applicant is in Canada, he or she will be required to complete two forms: Application for immigrant status in Canada, in general. 

A request for an exception based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations. 


You may ask for permanent resident status in humanitarian and compassionate fields. You don’t have more than one application in this ground. If you have a pending refugee claim, you can apply for humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Not assess risk factors like risk to life, persecution etc. And you also can apply if you had a negative decision from the IRB within the last 12 months.