The home child care provider and home support worker pilot program makes it easier for them to become permanent residents if they have two years of work experience in Canada. It also assists their family members in arriving in Canada to work, study, and gain experience. 

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION: Candidates are chosen primarily on the accuracy of the data and documents submitted with their applications. Education, official language proficiency, and 24 months of work experience in Canada are just a few examples of a job offer. 

MEDICAL EXAMINATION: As a home child care provider or home support worker, you must undergo two medical examinations as part of the application procedure. 

Because you will be working with children, disabled people, or the elderly as a caregiver, you must have a medical checkup before arriving in Canada. You must present documentation of work experience after completing 24 months of work experience in Canada, you may have to give another medical exam to make sure you are still admissible to Canada. 

FOR FAMILY MEMBERS : FAMILY Members should take and pass a medical exam, if they are not accompanying you to Canada. They will no longer qualify for sponsorship, if they do not participate. They do not need to submit to a medical exam if they are already Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 

PROCESSING TIME : Home child care provider pilot 2022 processing time is at least 24 months. 

HOW DOES THE PROCESS WORK : Applicants for the pilot program must have at least 24 months of work experience. Applicants must be able to determine that they have worked prior. 

Applicants with the following job titles are eligible: family caregiver, housekeeper, attendant for persons with disabilities home care, home support worker, live-in caregiver seniors, personal aide home support, home visitor infant care, temporary relief worker home support, personal care attendant home care. 

ABOUT HOME CHILD CARE PROVIDER PILOT : This pilot program encourages qualified individuals to immigrate to Canada and assists them in obtaining permanent residency. In Canada, family members will be eligible to apply for open work or study visas. 

ABOUT THE HOME SUPPORT WORKER PILOT : This pilot is for caregivers who are not primarily responsible for children. You can bring your family members to Canada on open permit visas or study permits and petition for permanent residence after two years of experience, much as a home child care provider


– To be eligible for the program, you must have a valid employment offer. – A minimum of two years of work experience in a relevant sector is required. – You need to meet the Canadian language and pass the language test.

WHO ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY : To be eligible for these programs Applicant must have specific criteria: 

– A valid job offer. 

– Work for at least 30 hours every week as a full-time employee. 

– An offer from a Canadian employer. 

– In Quebec, this is not the case. 

The youngsters must be under the age of 18, if you are seeking to be a home child care provider. 

– Have a linguistic benchmark level of 5 for Canadians. 

– Completion of at least one year of post-secondary study in Canada

BUSINESS NUMBER FOR EMPLOYERS : A business number is a nine-digit identifying number assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency to an employer for tax purposes. Canadian citizens or permanent residents who want to hire a caregiver are considered to be employers and must have the valid business number. 

HIRING A CAREGIVER WHO’S IN CANADA : If anyone wants to hire someone in home caregiver who is already in Canada and you can search home child care services near me, may be involved in Temporary foreign worker program and live in a caregiver program

MAKE AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT : Provide a letter of employment after you’ve found a suitable candidate. After you’ve finished filling out the form, offer a copy to the candidate to sign. 

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