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The Atlantic immigration pilot program is an immigration system that permits firms in Canada’s
Atlantic provinces to hire immigrants for open positions.
For the first time in 2017, the Atlantic Immigration pilot program was established to encourage
economic growth in Canada’s Atlantic regions.


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Requirements

A variety of documents are required by the program. The documents differ depending on the program selected.
● A valid passport.
● The results of the language proficiency test.
● To get a photocopy of your police clearance certificate..
● Evidence of assets
● Medical authorization
● Evaluation of educational credentials
● A legitimate settlement strategy
● Application for employment
● An endorsement certificate
● Payment receipts

ELIGIBILITY : Employers interested in filling labor shortages through the pilot must first be identified and then have their jobs endorsed by the province. Candidates recommended by the employer can apply for permanent residency directly with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada once the employer’s positions have been recognized.

❖ Get in touch with our employer assistance department.
❖ Go over the designation guide with a magnifying glass.
❖ Fill out the application form and include all of the relevant documentation.

TIME TO COMPLETE AN AIPP APPLICATION: It takes 6 months to complete an AIPP

SETTLEMENT PROPOSAL: You must obtain a settlement plan after receiving a job offer.
➢ You’ll need to work with a settlement service provider in the region where you’ll be
working if you’ve already arrived in Canada. Your supervisor might be able to head in the
right direction.

➢ If you live outside of Canada, you can contact one of several Atlantic Immigration Program province
organizations in Canada. Request recommendations from your designated employer.

A pilot project initiative aims to recruit for jobs that provide international workers with a road to
permanent residency. The majority of immigrants are attracted to the world’s most
populous cities. There are numerous job prospects for both employers and immigrants.

HOW IT WORKS: The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program makes it easier for businesses
to hire overseas labor. They will be offered a position with a specific employer as well as a
settlement plan for themselves and their families. Employers are not obligated to do a labor
market effect analysis. The first step is for the employer to fill a job opening in order for the
employer and his or her family to move to Canada as soon as possible. Candidates must have a
genuine job offer in order to obtain a work permit. To obtain a work permit, obtain a letter from
the province and apply for residence within 90 days.

REGISTRATION : The Atlantic immigration pilot has three programs: a high skilled
program, an intermediate skilled program,, and an international graduate program. Work
experience, education, and job offer requirements will vary depending on who is
searching for employment.

DIFFERENT WAYS TO IMMIGRATE: Since 2015, the Atlantic provinces program has been
actively involved in immigration through provincial nominee programs. Atlantic Nova Scotia
nomination program is one of the Atlantic PNP alternatives.
A provincial nominee scheme exists in New Brunswick. There is a program for provincial
nominees on Prince Edward Island. Employers who want to use the pilot to fill labor
shortages must first be designated as eligible, and then their posts must be approved by
the province.

HOW TO APPLY FOR AIPP : To apply for a PR visa through AIPP, you must first complete the
following steps: Employers identify a good individual who satisfies AIPP’s basic qualifications
and offer them a position. In this phase, your employer will assist you in contacting a settlement
service provider. The IRCC must receive an application for a PR Visa. Afterwards, you and your
family will be able to permanently relocate to Canada.

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